Costs Saving

Small businesses are always concerned about accountant’s fee. We do understand from your point of view as a small business owner and how your budget is. Business owners usually consider using an accountant as an extra costs for them.

With Vision Accounting, small businesses can save in their accounting and bookeeping costs by 50% to 80%.

For example, hiring a bookkeeper will cost small business about $24,000 a year if it is full-time ($12 x 2000 hrs) and $12,000 if it is part-time (half of full-time costs). By using our services, for same example, our bookkeeping service will cost small business from $600 – $3,600 per year which is $50 to $300 per month.

Hiring an employee (bookkeeper) has an extra costs such as CPP, EI, WCB, and medical benefits, etc in addition to his or her original wage rate. There will be no such extra costs by using our accounting and bookkeeping services. You do the math how much you can save.

Competitive Rates

You may also compare our service fees with other accounting firms and see how you can save with Vision Accounting. If it comes to the service fees, please feel free to contact with us. We are open for negotiation.

We will make sure your business can save on costs for accounting, bookkeeping and payroll and tax preparation services. If you are small business or self-employed, then come to us. We will quote up-front fee and no hidden fee.

Advice for Business Success

Many small business owners do not realize that an accountant is an important professional to work with for their business success.

Accountants do more than filing tax returns. They maintain financial records records and generate reports which are crucial for business owners to make the right business decisions.

Accountants as financial consultants do advise on financial statements, cash flow forecasts, budgets, variance analysis where business owners need to pay their attention to imporve their business.

Compliance for Government Reporting

Another important job done by accountants is government reporting and filing compliance. It will be very painful when government sends demand to small business owners for penalities and interests for not complying with the requirements.

Accountants can act between the business owners and government authorities as a representative for small business owners. As a business owner you will have no worries for government filing compliance. We will take care of it.

Quality Services with Personal Touch

If it comes to tax preparation, we use the one of the best tax preparation software in the industry which is used by the largest tax preparation firm in North America. So you are guaranteed for maximum refund or minimum tax payable from your tax return.

We provide same high quality tax preparation services as big firms with more peronal touch as a plus (invidual client attention) which means we are always available for our clients. You know how important invidual client attention is for you as a small business owner.


By using our services, you are able to view, print, download all your reports and statements such as financial statements, general ledger, trial balance, pay slips, deductions reports, GST/HST return, income tax return and more reports online at anytime, anywhere even in your inbox on the go.

So you do not need to worry to lose your records. It is convenient and it is a new way of serving clients from us.

Advice for Technology

We also advise you how to save on computer and software related costs for you small business. There are many open source software for small businesses and many are freeware and shareware which will cost you nothing or a little for your small business.