What Clients Say

Problem Solving

Revenue Canada sent me a demand to file my tax returns for the past seven years and mentioning I owe about $9,500 for my taxes. I don’t know about taxes and I believe my employer deducted enough taxes.

How could I pay such amount? I was shock and I did not know what to do. Thanks to Vision Accounting and finally I received about $7,000 in refund. It was a great relief.

John, Vancouver

Tax Saving

I made RRSP contribution of $3,000 this year. Normally I claim my contribution to reduce my taxes. Vision Accounting advised me not to claim in this year tax return and to carry forward to next year.

They said I have non-refundable tax credits good enough to reduce my taxes this year and I have much higher income next year. No advantage to use in this year and it will give me more tax deduction in next year.

It was a good advice to me that I do not know. Thanks for good advice.

Mike, Burnaby

Maximun Refund

I made only $10,000 from my part-time job. I paid no tax on my income as it will cover with my personal amount. So I expect no refund because it is the same tax situation as last year. I did not receive any refund for last year.

When I came to Vision Accounting, I was surprised that I had my refund over $1,000 from my working income tax benefit. I never knew that exist. Not only for this year, Vision Accounting helped me to get my last year refund as well by requesting T1 adjustment to CRA. Thanks for good and kind services.

Tommy, Vancouver

Flexible Services

I am a small business owner and I have (18) employees. I used big payroll company for my payroll services for the last two years. I need to transfer the total salary and wages one month in advance to their account.

For small business, cash flow is usually tight. I have a hard time to contact them to make changes and corrections even though I pay for corrections. We do make small changes very often as a small business.

Through my friend, I decided to change to Vision Accounting. I pay the same service fee. I send my payroll information in the after noon and I get my payroll deductions, slips, and reports in the same day. I can call and make any changes until last minute just before I pay out to employees. How flexiable it is?

And I have also solved my cash flow problem by not paying one month in advance for wages and I can also save on interests. Vision Accounting, you are my life saver and thanks for flexible, fast and accurate payroll services. I recommend Vision Accounting to any small business owners for their payroll services.

Robert, Maple Construction Inc.

Costs Saving

We are small auto repair shop owners. For our business, we hired a part-time bookkeeper for two days a week. It cost us about $10,000 per year. This year, we gave our bookkeeping to Vision Accounting and it cost us less than $4,000 for one year and it also helped us with our year-end tax filing. It was great saving for us.

Good Fix Auto Repairs Ltd.

Non-Resident Credits

My tax situation is not that difficult. I only have an employment income but I am a non-resident who worked under work permit. So I am not sure whether I can claim non-refundable personal tax credits or not. I asked my Canadian friends and they said they have no idea.

I went to big tax preparation firm and asked the same question. Tax associate said they need to refer to senior tax professional as it was the residency issue and it involves tax treaty between the countries.

My friend brought me to Vison Accounting. They helped me claim all my personal non-refundable tax credits by submitting statement of world income.

That was a big change for my tax return from balance owing to a great refund. I really appreciate Vision Accounting for their expertise and service.

Kim, South Korea

Customer Service

I have finished my school a few years ago. When I do my taxes this year, CRA said I owe to MSP for about $2,000. I have no idea why I owe and for what. The accountant from Vision Accounting helped me find out all the information from the goverment department.

Vision Accounting helped me out how to get exemption for all those MSP outstanding balances by filling out some necessary application forms. Even though I am a Canadian who born in Canada, I really do not know such program exist. It is not a tax issue. But it was a wonderful customer service I ever had.

Jacquelyn, North Vancouver