Accounting Setup and Training

For the new start up small businesses, or the existing businesses that want to use accounting software and want to hire a bookkeeper instead of using manual bookkeeping, we provide accounting software installation, setup that fits only for your specific business needs, and basic accounting software training for your bookkeeper.

We will support with accounting data backup, reconciliations, month-end and year-end adjustments, and government tax filing.


For the small businesses that do not have own bookkeepers, we provide monthly and quarterly bookkeeping services.

Your business can save up to 80% of accounting and bookkeeping costs compare to hiring a bookkeeper or an accounting clerk. See on advantages page for detail. You also can save about 30% to 50% of bookkeeping costs compare to other accounting firms.

We provide high quality services, fast and accurate services at very competitive prices.

We setup different chart of accounts that suit for your business (particular industry) as we know that each industry is unique.

Payroll Services

We prepare payslips, calculate payroll deductions, and payroll reports for government filing. We also prepare T4, T4A, T5018 statements and summaries for your employees, sub-contractors, and Revenue Canada for the year-end filing requirements.

We also help our clients to setup Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with the banks for their payroll direct deposits.

Our payroll services are fast and accurate. Clients will get their payslips and reports in 24 hour turn-around time. After the initial setup, clients just need to provide us the employee working hours by phone, email or fax. Your payroll is done.

Tax Preparation and Filing

We prepare personal tax returns, self-employed business returns, and small business corporation tax returns. We file tax returns back to 1997 and we also provide tax adjustments for the returns that were previously filed.

We do communicate with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as your representative and help you find out tax related information, benefits claims, and solving any tax issues.

We guarantee that you receive maximum refund or pay minimum taxes from your tax return. We will make sure to claim all the tax deductions that you are entitled to.

Our preferred filing method is EFILE. You will receive your refund in (8) to (10) business days and instant acknowledgement of receipt from Canada Revenue Agency.

Financial Services

We can help you with Cash Flow Forecasts, Budgets, Variance Analysis, and other financial consulting services that will help to improve your business.

Data Entry and Analysis

We provide data entry services (from paper data into computer formats such as text, word, spreadsheet, pdf, or database files). So that you can save those important data in digital format for long time and you can easily retrive them in the future.

For the businesses which have large tables, spreadsheets, and databases, we do analyze such data and produce customized reports for management decisions and business needs.

We can process millions of records in minutes. We analyze large data for reports.

Computer Services

We can assit you in choosing software for your business and installation. There are many open source software available on the internet. Many freeware and shareware that perfectly suit for your daily business use are available at no cost or low costs to you.

We also can help you with online web presence. We help you to create informational website for your business to attract more customers around the world at very reasonal price including updates and maintenance in the future.

Other Services

Please feel free to contact us for any other services not mentioned above which you think you may need it for your business. We are happy to discuss with you.